Struggle to the light

Winston Churchill 5.jpg

Project development

The producers have narrowed their list of Directors to direct "Struggle to The Light" -- a 1930's period film about the life and family of Sir Winston Churchill.

The budget is estimated at $25 million and filming will be in Pittsburgh, New York City, and London. Filming is predicted to start August, 2014 with an estimated worldwide theater release date of May 2015 for the Anniversary of the Allies' Victory.

The Producers are attaching an international cast of A & B list talent, with verbal commitments so far from & negotiating with Eric Braeden, Donald Sutherland,Sir Anthony Hopkins (role of Churchill), Amanda Seyfried, Meg Steedle from (Boardwalk Empire), Elizabeth Shue, James Cromwell, Gabrielle Anwar, Jennie Bushnell, Karen Baum, Tom Sellek, John Hurt, Hayley Atwell, Jamie Ray Newman, David Barckhoff, Pamela Holt, Victor Gablor.

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